Smart minds, with smart Mockplus!

  • Mockplus for Windows
    Mockplus for Windows

    For Windows Vista/7/8/10


  • Mockplus for Mac
    Mockplus for MAC

    For OSX 10.9+


  • Mockplus for Android
    Mockplus for Android

    For Android 4.0+


  • Mockplus for iOS

    For iOS 7.0+


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  • 1How to sign up in Mockplus?

    There are two ways to sign up in Mockplus:

    1) Install Mockplus desktop app and open it for signing up.
    2) Click the link: in your browser to sign up.
  • 2 Do I need to pay the extra fee whenever Mockplus comes out with a new updated version?
    After the purchase, you do not need to pay an extra fee for any new version or update of Mockplus.
    If you're a user of Free version, you also don't need to pay any fee for the new versions or updates.
  • 3Can I install and use Mockplus on multiple computers?
    Every named user, with both a desktop and a secondary laptop/home computer, can legally install and use Mockplus on both computers.
  • 4Can multiple users use one account at the same time?
    No. One account can only be used by one user.
  • 5How to cancel auto-renewal of my subscription in Mockplus?
    Plan A: Please follow this guide to cancel the subscription by yourself.
    Plan B: Please send your order number/invoice, and correct Mockplus account to to get fast assistance.
  • 6Terms of Sale
    Please check out the details of Mockplus Terms of Sale here.
  • 7How to change my email address used to log in Mockplus? / How to transfer my Mockplus account to other workmate when I leave my company?

    Please provide your order number/invoice, original and new email address for change. Before that, please confirm whether you need to keep your original account:

    If yes, please download your projects from the cloud (for Paid users) in advance, and send us your information. We will do the transfer for you manually. After the transfer, the original account will be downgraded. Meanwhile, the new account will be upgraded to get all the premiere features.
    If not, please send us your information directly, we will do the transfer for you. Please note that your original payment information, and projects will be all transferred to the new account, then the original account will be deleted.

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