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Create interactive prototypes with prototyping tool Mockplus

Fast Interaction

Interaction design has never been so easy

The interaction design in Mockplus is totally visualized. That's WYSIWYG. With a simple drag-and-drop, one can build interactive prototypes effortlessly. A set of pre-designed components, including Pop-up Panel, Stack Panel,Scroll Box, SlidingDrawer and Image Carousel enable you create fully interactions fasterand easier.
Design Fast with prototyping tool Mockplus

Fast Design

Prototype like a Pro with extensive pre-designed components

Mockplus comes with more than 3,000 icons and nearly 200 components. Just drag these components into the canvas for a combination to prototype your app ideas within few minutes. Focus on design itself and no more efforts will be spent on making a component.
Preview fast with prototyping tool Mockplus

Fast Testing

Test on native device instantly

Scan the generated QR code to preview prototypes on the native device instantly. No USB cable required. Publish the project to cloud and you will get a shareable web link, which can be sent to co-workers & clients. It also supports exporting to HTML offline.
Easy to learn prototyping tool Mockplus

Short Learning Curve

Code-free and get started right away

Just focus on design itself rather than the tool. You can get started easily without the risk of falling into the tool's slave by investing a lot of time and money on learning and training. With Mockplus, you don’t need to worry about programming knowledge any more, let alone coding.

Team Collaboration

Collaboration Design

Collaboration Design

Collaboration Design

Support multi users working on the same project. One click to sync the project to cloud and the works of different designers will be combined. Enjoy the best team collaboration anytime and anywhere.




One click to send notification emails to members for reviewing the project. One can Comment and mark up the project easily. Mockplus provides 7 markup ways which makes review easier, clearer and faster.

Page Division

Page Division

Page Division

One page can be edited by one person at one time. From the page state you know whether someone is editing it now. When finished editing a page, change its state anytime you want to open the editing permission to other team members.

Luis Landi
UI Designer at Connexia
I like very much the UI! It looks very modern and permits to maintain a lot of space for your working. These is an advantage on Axure, usually I like using 2 windows but with only one screen Axure is impossible to use, with Mockplus these could be possible. Also the selector of element use is much more better than the drop-down list of other tools.

Ari Arturo Velázquez Fierro
Interaction Designer at Infotec
I have used the tool and I love the idea that making real screen view through QR code. I'm really satisfied with what I see and even start recommending it at the office to some of my workmates. I love this app and it is super easy-to-use I must say.

Mike Mitroshkin
Graphic designer &
Front-end Developer
I'm searching for prototype soft while working on UI and UX of callback widgets. I've tried some products and made my own impression in using them. To be honest, I've never found a better tool than Mockplus as it's quite simple and fast for making a finest solution. Any user can learn and use it in no time, without requiring any coding/programming expertise.

Jarne Uytersprot
Lead UX/UI Designer
Mockplus is flexible enough to offer mockups & prototyping for every screen size, and not just mobile or web. Their sharing capabilities really surprise me and I have multiple options for exporting my completed project.

Léa Schmidt
Senior User Experience Consultant
I'm quite happy with this tool now and it's easy to manipulate and move elements in the layout, be text, image or icons. I think the features and functions by this prototyping tool make faster and easier the job of wireframing or sketching. Also the organization of the menus and sub-menus have clear paths that facilitate the access to tools & actions.

Jamie Curry
Freelancing UI/UX Designer
I find Mockplus is dead simple especially when I was wondered with import images tool which allows me to find images with Google. Managing the scrolling is pretty cool, and I can see its vision to be intuitive & user-friendly.

Discover all features that make
you prototype

faster,smarter and easier

  • 01.

    Support All Platforms

    Mockplus is an all-in-one prototype tool that allows you to create mockups for mobile (Android & iOS), Desktop(PC & Mac) and web apps. The white board project lets your imagination go free to create unique products.
  • 02.

    Pre-Designed Components

    Mockplus makes it faster to make a
    complete prototype with 200 components specially designed to fit both mobile and
    web apps. Turn your elaborate ideas into
    reality is much easier.
  • 03.

    Various Markup Components

    Mockplus comes with almost 10
    commonly-used markup components,
    including arrow, sticky note, h.curly brace and more. It is easy
    to make notations for your project prototypes.
  • 04.

    3,000 Pre-Designed Icons (Pro)

    Mockplus provides more than 3,000 icons, with even more coming soon.
  • 05.

    Visualized Interaction Design

    Easily create lifelike interactions with simple
    drag-and-drop. Building interactive
    prototypes is easier than ever. No technical
    expertise or programming knowledge
    required from start to finish.
  • 06.

    Highly-Customized Interaction Components

    Simplify your design process with Mockplus pre-designed interaction components, including Popup Panel, Alter Window,
    Popup Menu, Sliding Drawer, Stack Panel, Image Carousel, Scroll Box and more.

  • 07.

    Various Events and Commands

    Mockplus contains many common interaction commands, such as popup/hide, content switch, show/hide, move, resize, zoom, rotate and terminate, etc.
  • 08.

    Execute Interaction Sequentially / Simultaneously

    You are able to execute interactive command for multiple components sequentially and simultaneously. What’s more, a component can be defined multiple interactive commands sequentially and simultaneously.
  • 09.

    Easy-To-Use Interaction State

    With a few clicks on the properties tab, you are able to build prototypes with simple interaction. For instance, you can change the button color when mouse hover. Let you build interactive prototypes with ease.
  • 10.

    Auto Recovery

    One Key Auto-Recovery, making the setting of reverse interaction much easier.
  • 11.


    With the help of Masters, you can apply global changes across your prototype. It will ease and quicken the process of prototyping and designing.
  • 12.

    Create, Sync and Share "My Libraries"

    Add the reusable components, images and pages into your own libraries for the future use, saving time spent building every component from scratch so as to improve the design efficiency. You can also create multiple libraries to be managed and synced later, as well as share your libraries with co-workers or clients.
  • 13.

    Fast Preview

    Press F5 to preview your prototypes instantly. You don’t need to spend time in converting them into HTML any more.
  • 14.

    Cloud Sync (Pro)

    With cloud sync, your project can be stored and password-protected in the cloud. This enables you to edit project at different places without requiring USB disk.
  • 15.

    Export to Images (Pro)

    Mockplus lets you easily export prototypes to PNGs/JPGs. With those highly-customized options, you can export design project as needed, such as exporting current page, current group or the entire project.
  • 16.

    Export to HTML - Share Your Prototype with Ease (Pro)

    Publish the project to cloud and you willget a web link. Share the link with your colleagues and clients for previewing the project easily. You can also export the project to HTML offline, and even deploy it to your server.
  • 17.

    Export to Demo Package (Pro)

    You are able to export prototype to .exe file running on Windows or .app file running on Mac OS X. The viewers can directly preview your design without installing Mockplus.
  • 18.

    Scan QR Code to Preview Design

    By scanning QR code, you can view your prototype on mobile device whenever you want. No USB cable or remote publishing required.
  • 19.

    Publish Online / View on Mobile (Pro)

    By syncing your app prototype to the cloud, you can view your prototype on mobile device anytime and anywhere.
  • 20.

    Exporting to Project Tree (Pro)

    Export project tree to Tree View, Mind Map, Text, CSV, XML, HTML and Markdown, etc. They could be fully used in PRD.
  • 21.

    Print (Pro)

    With Mockplus, you are able to print your prototype out.
  • 22.

    Auto Backup

    For the security of your documents, Mockplus will back up your project regularly. If some unexpected errors occur, you can recover your data easily from the previous backups. Mockplus allows you to set the interval time of backup to fit your needs.
  • 23.

    Page Tag

    Your page status can be marked out with different colors. You can use page tag to clarify the progress of your prototype for better handle.
  • 24.

    Batch Modification

    You can batch modify the page size, font, font size and background color of one single page or the whole project. This will save you significant time and efforts.
  • 25.

    Component Remarks

    By adding remarks to component, you can view the usage, requirement and other detailed information of the component when previewing it on your computer.
  • 26.

    Export / Import

    It's flexible to export one or multiple components/pages of your prototypes for better collaboration with colleagues. Those exported components/pages can be merged into their projects.
  • 27.

    Ruler and Guidelines

    Mockplus support ruler and guidelines. Ruler can be displayed in two modes: pixel and percent.Guidelines will show when you drag any component.
  • 28.

    Various Keyboard Shortcuts

    More than 70 keyboard shortcuts will greatly increase your designing efficiency.
  • 29.

    Auto Data Fill

    Support auto data fill of images and texts, to handle repetitive tasks once and for all. You can directly use it to single or batch fill of images or texts at a time, or use it with Repeater to create components with repeating layout (such as a list) quickly, which greatly saves your time.
  • 30.

    MindMap Design Mode

    MindMap can quickly reflect your design ideas and project structures. When making your projects in Mockplus, you can easily switch to the MindMap Design Mode with one click and plan your needed pages quickly. Also, you can use the MindMap for better presentation. Once finished a project, you can export to the chart-based images for the later preparation of product requirement documents.
  • 31.

    Format Painter & Paste Style

    Use Format Painter and Paste Style features to copy and unify component styles quickly and efficiently in your design.
  • 32.

    UI Flow

    Quickly generate page UI flows that product managers and designers really want to have. It can intuitively demonstrate the contents and functional procedures of each page, with important page markups included.
  • 33.


    Use Repeater to automatically generate repeating elements that you need by simple drag-and-drop, hassle-free and time-efficient.
  • 34.

    Sample Projects & Templates

    Support importing sample projects and templates of Mockplus directly when creating a new project. Without downloading any MP file from the official website, you can complete the page structures and initial prototypes of your project quickly.
  • 35.

    Sketch Import

    Support exporting Sketch artboards to Mockplus files. After exporting a file, you can open it in Mockplus. You can also publish a Sketch artboard directly as a Mockplus collaboration project, or insert a new Sketch page directly into the Mockplus collaboration project, to achieve multi-person collaboration.
  • 36.

    New Table Component

    The visualized new table component can be operated and used as a spreadsheet. You can also easily add, edit, merge, and split cells, set the style and text format of one or more cells, and quickly organize PRDs in your project.
  • 37.

    Hide page

    By setting Hide current page, you can hide the pages that you don't want to show to the other people in the presentation.
  • 38.

    Timer Component

    With the Timer component, it's easy to achieve the effect of delaying automatic page forwarding and automatic interaction.
  • 39.

    Page Number

    You can number all the pages on the project tree with one click, to make the project pages orderly displayed and easy to view/manage.
  • 40.

    Revision history

    Support the download of the historical versions of projects and password-protect of the published projects. You can download and view the specified version of the Mockplus file in Revision history.
  • 41.

    Replace text globally

    You can find the text to be replaced and conduct the replacement on the current page or all pages.
  • 42.

    Open new window

    Support opening new window within the current project and open multiple windows at the same time.
  • 43.

    Page outline

    All the project pages are displayed in the form of component layers, which makes it faster and easier to view all of the components used in the project.
  • 44.

    Recycle Bin

    The deleted pages can be recovered through the Recycle Bin.
  • 45.

    Component Style

    You can reuse the style of a component and save it to the library for later use.

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