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Recently, we've updated both Mockplus Cloud and Mockplus RP, and bring you more new features to power up your product design workflow.For example, while prototyping web or mobile apps, you can use...

What's new of Mockplus in June

Jongde Last updated [object Object] 12499 Views
Hey! Here at Mockplus we are constantly working hard to bring you a better user expericence. Many updates are issued for Mockplus Cloud this month. Let's talk about the new features in detail!1. I...

New amazing features of Mockplus

Mockplus Team Last updated [object Object] 16606 Views
The latest new update of Mockplus is now online. Exporting your PRD to PDF, copying CSS code by lines together with more new features and plugins have been added to improve your experience. Let&r...



Mockplus is a desktop-based tool for prototyping mobile, web and desktop apps easily and quickly. Create interactions by simple drag-and-drop and your teamwork will be time-efficient with the collaboration features.

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Some new features of iDoc are coming! IDoc now features a new property panel and supports for a sliced symbol with a transparent background. Let's check out more of the newest features of Mockplus...

iDoc Supports PRD Online Writing and Dark Style Now!

Summer Last updated [object Object] 18374 Views
Some new features of iDoc are available now! The tool now supports the online witing of PRD and it got an immersive dark style. Both features will help you to be more efficient and focused on teamwork...
Specs are happening to have decimals, due to the different magnification conversion existed during the design process. Keep one decimal or two decimal places? That's a question confused the designers....
Mockplus iDoc has a new nifty feature created especially for developers: “Layer data”. With this feature, developers can download and use automatically generated layer data for faster and easier p...
Greetings everyone! Today, we will show you how to use one of the mostly-used comment tools - Pin tool - to help improve your team's work efficiency in Mockplus iDoc. Let's dive in! Main features: ...

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